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This product has the following fits:
Girsan MC28
Savage Stance
Ruger Security-380
Sig Sauer P250 (sub compact only) 9mm .40 .357Sig
Sig Sauer P250 (sub compact) .45
Sig Sauer P320 (sub compact) 9mm

The Evolution Series is a passive retention holster that includes a retention adjustment screw. The tension screw is not pre-set and allows for retention pressure to be adjusted based upon personal preference. When un-holstering, do so in a deliberate and rapid upward motion. Passive retention is automatically engaged upon re-holstering.

SKU: SG250CRB214

The next step in the evolution of holster design. One piece holster body construction with adjustable retention screw allows the user to customize the holster retention pressure.• Passive retention, one-piece holster body construction• Retention adjustment screw with passive retention• Protected sight channel• Low profile design for concealability • Reinforced rivet attachment

Girsan MC28|Sig Sauer P250 (sub compact only) 9mm .40 .357Sig|Sig Sauer P250 (sub compact) .45|Sig Sauer P320 (sub compact) 9mm

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