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CH Series Holster

CH Series Holster

The CH holster offers a trigger guard locking mechanism which provides active retention while allowing virtually unhampered presentation of the pistol. This is accomplished by incorporating a release button that is activated by the index finger of the user without the need to alter one’s draw stroke. The release button is located on the holster so that continuation of the draw naturally positions the index finger alongside the slide/frame, well above the trigger.
• Trigger guard locking mechanism provides active retention
• Index finger activates release button
• Naturally positions index finger along slide when un-holstering
• Rubberized paddle insert for extra stability and comfort

Why Choose CH Series Holster

Trigger Guard Locking Mechanism

To keep your gun safe, the CH Series holster has a unique locking mechanism that hooks into the trigger guard. Reducing the possibility of accidental discharge, this active retention system keeps the pistol securely in place until deliberately released. 

Quick Release Activation

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