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Fobus Thumb Lever Holster

Fobus Thumb Lever Holster
Unlike other active retention holsters, there is no need to alter your presentation or grip. With a simple, smooth and quick motion, the handgun is released. The thumb falls naturally on the release lever and upon re-holstering a revolutionary retention concept engages the trigger guard to keep the handgun secure.
• Unique thumb activated lever provides active retention
• Rubberized paddle insert for extra stability and comfort
• Includes both paddle and belt attachment

Why Choose Thumb Lever Holster

  • Active Retention

The Fobus Thumb Lever Holster is designed with active retention, ensuring safety factors. It protects your firearm from accidental falls while allowing for easy and quick unholstering whenever needed. Also, there is no need for manual adjustments as it provides a snug and smooth... Read More

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