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Light/Mag Combos for 9mm & .40 caliber Double-Stack Double Magazines (fits Glock & H&K USP)

SKU: SF6900
Permits the user to carry a flashlight and extra magazine comfortably and easily accessible. Accepts 1” flashlights along with a magazine. Lightweight for all-day comfort.
• Holds a 1” flashlight and extra magazine
• Lightweight design
• Low profile design for concealability
• Rubberized paddle backing for extra stability and comfort
Glock 17|Glock 17 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 17 (light or laser required)|Glock 19|Glock 19 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 19 (light or laser required)|Glock 22|Glock 22 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 22 (light or laser required)|Glock 23|Glock 26|Glock 27|Glock 31|Glock 31 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 31 (light or laser required)|Glock 32|Glock 33|Glock 34|Glock 35|Glock 37|Glock 38|Glock 39|H&K USP .40|H&K USP 9mm|H&K USP Compact .40|H&K USP Compact 9mm

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