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This product has the following fits:
Cuff/Mag Combo Pouch for 9mm & .40 Double - Stack Magazine and Smith & Wesson Chain Handcuffs (except Glock, S&W M&P, TAURUS, H&K & FN)

Excellent for on the job concealed carry. Adjustable tension design to accept most magazines and chain handcuffs. Custom retention, lightweight and low profile design.
• One-piece pouch body
• Lightweight compact design
• Excellent for on the job concealed carry
• Adjustable tension design to accept most magazines and chain handcuffs
• Offered in paddle, belt and roto styles
Armalite AR24|Beretta 90-Two|Beretta 92 Compact|Beretta 92 Compact rail Inox 9mm|Beretta 92 with rail - Vertec & Elite|Beretta 92 without rail (Except Brigadier & Vertec & Elite)|Beretta 92A1|Beretta 96 without rail (Except Brigadier & Vertec & Elite)|Beretta 96A1|Beretta Elite|Beretta M9|Beretta M9A1|Beretta PX4 Storm Compact 9mm & .40|Beretta PX4 Storm Full size 9mm & .40|Beretta Vertec|Bersa Mini Firestorm 9mm & .40|Bersa Thunder 9mm UC|Browning High Power|CZ 2075 RAMI|CZ 40P|CZ 75|CZ 75 SP-01|CZ 75 compact .40|CZ 75B .40|CZ 75B 9mm|CZ 75BD|CZ 75D 9mm|CZ 75D compact 9mm with rails|CZ P-01|CZ P-06|CZ P-07 Duty|CZ P-09|CZ SP01 9mm|Diamondback DB FS Nine|FN FNS-40|FN FNS-40 Compact|FN FNS-9|FN FNS-9 Compact|FN FNX-40|FN FNX-9|FN High Power|FN P40|FN P9|Glock 43 (without rails)|Grand Power K100-MK12 9mm|Grand Power PK1-MK12 9mm|Grand Power Q100|Grand Power X-caliber 9mm|H&K P30 9mm & .40|H&K P30SK|H&K VP40|H&K VP9|Hi-Point .40|Hi-Point 9mm|Kel-Tec P-11 .40|Kel-Tec P-11 9mm|Ruger American Pistol 9mm & .40 Full|Ruger P85|Ruger P89|Ruger P91|Ruger P93|Ruger P94|Ruger P95|Ruger SR40|Ruger SR9 & SR9C|SCCY CPX1 & CPX2 (double stack magazine models only)|Sar Arms B6|Sig Sauer 2009|Sig Sauer P226|Sig Sauer P228|Sig Sauer P229 9mm (without rail)|Sig Sauer P250 (sub compact only) 9mm .40 .357Sig|Sig Sauer P250 9mm .40 .357Sig|Sig Sauer P250 compact 9mm .40 .357Sig|Smith & Wesson 5904|Smith & Wesson 5906|Smith & Wesson 6906 std series|Smith & Wesson 6946|Smith & Wesson CS9|Smith & Wesson SD9 VE & SD40 VE|Smith & Wesson SW40 VE|Smith & Wesson SW9 VE|Smith & Wesson SW990L|Smith & Wesson Sigma Series V|Springfield HS 2000 .357|Springfield HS 2000 .40|Springfield HS 2000 9mm|Springfield XD .40 & .357 SIG|Springfield XD 9mm Full Size & Compact|Springfield XD MOD 2 .40|Springfield XD MOD 2 9mm|Springfield XDM 9mm & .40|Steyr Model M .357|Steyr Model M .40 (no A1 models)|Steyr Model M 9mm|Steyr Model S|Taurus PT 24-7 1st gen|Taurus PT100|Taurus PT101|Taurus PT111 G2|Taurus PT111 Millennium 9mm (except Pro & G2 models)|Taurus PT111 Millennium Pro 9mm|Taurus PT140 G2 9mm|Taurus PT140 Millennium .40 (no Pro models)|Taurus PT140 Millennium Pro .40|Taurus PT24-7 9mm & .40 Millennium PRO|Taurus PT24-7 DS|Taurus PT92 full size (with rail)|Taurus PT92 full size (without rail)|Taurus PT940|Taurus PT99 full size (with rail)|Taurus PT99 full size (without rail)|Walther P99|Walther PPQ Classic 9mm|Walther PPQ M2 9mm & .40

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