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This product has the following fits:
9mm & .40 Double-Stack Double Magazine Pouch (fits Glock & H&K USP)

The dimensions described are approximate to assist with proper magazine fitment. Minimum and maximum depth and width are shown.

For magazine pouches with retention adjustment screws, the minimum depth dimension refers to the retention adjustment screw being fully tightened. Loosening of the retention adjustment screw, while still ensuring that the screw is fully secured into the nut, provides maximum depth shown.


Allows the user to carry two additional magazines and provides easy and fast access for quick reloads. Adjustment screw with low profile design.
• Lightweight compact design
• Low profile design for concealability
• Rubberized paddle insert for extra stability and comfort
• Adjustable tension screw available on some models
• Offered in paddle, belt and roto styles

Glock 17|Glock 17 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 17 (light or laser required)|Glock 19|Glock 19 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 19 (light or laser required)|Glock 19X|Glock 22|Glock 22 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 22 (light or laser required)|Glock 23|Glock 26|Glock 27|Glock 31|Glock 31 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 31 (light or laser required)|Glock 32|Glock 33|Glock 34|Glock 35|Glock 37|Glock 38|Glock 39|Glock 45|Glock 45 (accommodates light or laser)|Glock 45 (light or laser required)|H&K USP .40|H&K USP 9mm|H&K USP Compact .40|H&K USP Compact 9mm

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