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3 Steps to Find the Best Holster Fit

Authored By B. Castillo

Choosing the right handgun is an important decision. An often overlooked, but equally important decision is picking the right holster. Picking the right holster may seem easy, but with all of the options available, it can be overwhelming to narrow down the perfect one. We’ve narrowed down the top three steps in order for you to find your perfect fit for your handgun.

Step #1: Knowing the Manufacturer and Model

The first step in finding your fit is to know the manufacturer and model of your handgun. Making sure your handgun will fit properly into the holster is key. Many make the mistake of buying a holster that looks nice but then is not compatible with their firearm. Figuring out if the manufacturer and model will align with the holster is the first place to begin.

Step #2: Daily Routine

Considering your daily routine and the activities you will be performing while wearing the holster is another element in finding your fit. Make sure the holster keeps your firearm secure enough during activities throughout the day. In addition to that, if you want to conceal-carry your handgun, think about where on your body you will carry it, for example, in the front, on the side, in the back, etc.

Step #3: Proficiency 

The last step in finding your perfect fit comes after you receive the holster. Practicing with the holster is vital to ensure safety and proficiency. Wear the holster around with an unloaded handgun to check for comfort and ease. Then, practice your draw (again, with an unloaded handgun!) to prepare yourself for situations where you may need to be able to quickly draw your gun.

Fobus Holster has developed a tool to ensure you find your fit. Simply plug in the manufacturer, model, and hand preference to see what holster will best suit your needs. Click here to use the tool!

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