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FOBUS Range Day

On Saturday April 24th, First Samco/Fobus Holsters held an employee Range Day that allowed firsthand experience in both the usage of products offered and the safe and proper handling of the firearms for which the products were designed. As the hands-on experience of the attendees varied greatly, instruction in safety and weapons handling was provided by TECH OPS INTERNATIONAL. The day began with the obligatory safety instructions and basic introduction to the firearms that would utilized. Once the instructors from TECH OPS were satisfied that group had a working understanding of safety, the instruction proceeded to the handling and firing of handguns. A review of grip, stance, sight picture, as well as the draw presentation and holstering were included. This was followed by a live-fire segment during which the Instructors closely monitored, and coached, those with minimal experience. The afternoon segment was devoted to rifle/carbine introduction and handling. A demonstration of full-auto fire from a variety of familiar weapons was provided. Then an opportunity to fire those same weapons, as well as their semi-auto variations, was given to those that were in attendance. Needless to say, there was a constant rain of fired brass until the ammunition ran out. At the conclusion of the day it was evident that not only was everyone in agreement that the event was a success, but their understanding of how the products they offer, and employed by our customers, was greatly enhanced. Of course what wasn't immediately noticeable was that this day instilled proper firearms handling and safety in the minds of the group. This was accomplished in a painless and professional manner by the Instructors from TECH OPS that left everyone with one question... "When can we do this again?"


Glock 26 Level Two Lever Action Holster

Fits Glock: 26/27/33

Top mounted thumb-activated lever action.  Quick access with Level II retention.

  • Natural draw stroke deactivates retention device
  • Handgun immediately secures upon reholstering
  • Roto-Holster™ for custom adjustment
KEL-TEC P-3AT Evolution Series Holster

Fits P-3AT 2nd Generation, and Ruger LCP

Retention adjustment screw allows user to select level of retention.  One piece holster body construction.

  • Rubberized paddle insert
  • Steel reinforced rivet attachment system
  • Protective sight channel
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