Below you'll find the questions we hear most often. If your question isn't listed below, it's still important to us. Please use our contact form to let us know.

What is your online security policy?

All customer information is secure, encrypted with High Grade 256 BIT SSL Server Certificates

Is my personal information kept private?

No customer information is shared, and is kept completely confidential.

What is your refund policy?

We stand behind our holsters and offer a no question asked return policy. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. There is a $3.99 Processing fee for all exchanges.

The holster won't release my gun, its way too tight.
If your holster is too tight:

1) The holster must be mounted on your belt, NOT held in your hands. With the weapon unloaded, you must draw the weapon straight out of the holster along the line of the cant. This is a design feature to prevent others from taking your weapon. Your draw must be a quick pull without hesitation or stopping during the draw to overcome the passive retention system of Fobus holsters. You should practice this draw 25-50 times a day until you are confident and comfortable with it.

2) If the draw is still to difficult, you can lubricate the inside of the holster, especially the trigger guard area (where there is the most retention) with light gun oil, silicone spray, or Armor All.

3) Spread the trigger guard area apart with your thumbs to loosen the resistance.

4) If the holster is still too tight, please contact us for a RMA# and we will exchange your holster for a new one.

Remember, we offer a no question asked return policy
What's the difference between the Belt and the Paddle Holster?
Both holsters will ride the same on your pants. The difference is that the paddle slips in-between your pants and hip; The belt, loops through your belt loop. I recommend the paddle because of the ease of putting on and off the holster.

What is the method of shipping, and how long will it take?
Internet orders are shipped via First Class mail out of Philadelphia, PA. Please allow 5-10 business days for your order to arrive.

My firearm is rattling in the holster, but the retention is fine.
If the play is in the housing of the holster, then I would recommend using nickel size, fuzzy, Velcro tabs to hold the gun in firm. The trigger guard is the point of retention. If you can shake the gun Unloaded upside down in the holster, then the retention is fine. You can also contact us about getting an RMA# and seeing if another holster will work.
How does the Life Time Warranty work?
We have a lifetime guarantee on all our products, and we would be happy to replace any broken item. Please call the office and we will arrange for an RMA#, so that you can return the broken item. Once the broken item is received we will then ship the new item.
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