Compatibility Chart
Locate the correct holster for your gun with our interactive Compatibility Chart. Choose from a variety of available models.

Begin by selecting the Manufacturer of your firearm:
FITS WALTHER PK-380 - EVOLUTION PADDLE HOLSTER GL2E2 PaddleBelt Roto-PaddleRoto-BeltRoto-Duty Belt               
FITS Walther PPQ 9mm & .40 & H&K VP9 - EVOLUTION HOLSTERô VPQRB                      
FITS Walther PPQ 9mm & .40 - EVOLUTION HOLSTERô VPQBH                      
WALTHER P22 PADDLE HOLSTER WP22 PaddleBelt                   
WALTHER P99 PADDLE HOLSTER WA99 PaddleBelt Roto-PaddleRoto-BeltRoto-Duty BeltThumb BreakRoto-Paddle Thumb BreakRoto-Belt Thumb BreakRoto-Duty Belt Thumb Break Paddle LeftBelt Left Roto-Paddle LeftRoto-Belt Left     
WALTHER PP/PPK/PPKS PADDLE HOLSTER PPK1 PaddleBelt Roto-PaddleRoto-BeltRoto-Duty Belt             Ankle 
Walther PPK / PPS /PPKS - EVOLUTION PADDLE HOLSTER PPKE2 PaddleBelt Roto-PaddleRoto-Belt              Ankle 
WALTHER PPQ - PADDLE HOLSTER HK1 PaddleBelt Roto-PaddleRoto-BeltRoto-Duty BeltThumb BreakRoto-Paddle Thumb BreakRoto-Belt Thumb Break  Paddle LeftBelt Left Roto-Paddle LeftRoto-Belt Left     
Walther PPS 9mm Paddle Holster SWS PaddleBelt Roto-PaddleRoto-BeltRoto-Duty Belt             Ankle 
P=Paddle   B=Belt   BD=Duty Belt   RP=Roto-Paddle   RB=Roto-Belt   RD=Roto-Duty Belt   TB=Thumb Break   TRP=Roto-Paddle Thumb Break   TRB=Roto-Belt Thumb Break   TRBD=Roto-Duty Belt Thumb Break   TRBDL=Roto-Duty Belt Thumb Break Left   PL=Paddle Left   BL=Belt Left   BDL=Duty Belt Left   RL=Roto-Paddle Left   RBL=Roto-Belt Left   RBDL=Roto-Duty Belt Left   TBL=Thumb Break Left   TBRL=Thumb Break Roto Left   A=Ankle   VB=Vario Belt  
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